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District Court Charges

1997 - 2016

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Utah District Court Charges

This database is made up of records drawn from the Utah District Court's computer system, and includes criminal filings involving state felonies, some misdemeanor DUIs and other misdemeanors, for approximately the last 19 years (Jan. 1, 1997, to June 27, 2016) -- depending on the jurisdiction where the case was filed. For a specific breakdown, please click here.

The records include court filings for charges that have been adjudicated, but dismissed charges and those subject to diversion agreements ARE NOT listed in the database. For information on how to apply to the courts to have a record expunged, please click here.

The data is updated regularly based on open-records requests filed with the Utah state courts. As such, the database is provided "as is" and makes no representation, either expressed or implied, that all information is accurate.

This database is updated through June 27, 2016.

NOTE: Finding a name match in this database DOES NOT constitute positive identification. Users are urged to find independent confirmation of any findings drawn from these records.

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