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Open Records

An up-to-date archive related to Utah's Government Records Access and Management Act

Legislative bills that would affect public records access
Members of the Utah Media Coalition will rank upcoming legislation or legislative action on openness and accessibility and tell lawmakers and the public about those rankings. The following bills are those the coalition believes will affect the public's access to information in some way.

Municipal and County Officials Attendance at School District Board Meetings
This bill allows mayors and other city and county officials to attend and “participate” in closed meetings of school boards in their jurisdictions when those meetings are closed to discuss the purchase or disposition of property. This sets up a b...
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Request for Legislation Amendments
This bill opens up the bill-request process. Currently, legislators' requests for bills are kept from the public. Citizens cannot find out which legislators are asking legislative attorneys to prepare bills for them, or what the bills concern. HB82 ...
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What is GRAMA?

The Government Records Access and Management Act [GRAMA] is a broad-ranging Utah law dealing with the management of government records. First adopted in 1991 and revised several times, GRAMA is intended to balance the public's constitutional right to access information, individual privacy rights, and government's interest in restricting access to some records for the public good.

GRAMA Resources:

House Bill 477 [HB477] was a controversial 75-page bill altering GRAMA that was passed quickly and with overwhelming House and Senate support during the 2011 session of the Utah Legislature. It was subsequently repealed during a special legislative session, in the face of public outcry. Legislative history of HB477. Legislative leaders have established a 25-member working group to study GRAMA.

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