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Public Employee Salaries

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Utah Public Salaries


The Salt Lake Tribune and provides information on the gross compensation of public officials at all levels of government and other agencies that use taxpayers’ money.


Gross compensation is the combined total of the employee’s wages, benefits, bonuses and reimbursements. A breakdown of the employee’s compensation can be found by clicking on that person’s name.


The database includes pay information provided by the individual entities to the State of Utah, or provided to under a Government Records Access and Management Act request, or GRAMA. As such, this database is provided “as is,” and makes no representation, either expressed or implied, that all information is accurate.


Beginning in fiscal year 2011, government agencies have been required to report their salary information at a certain level of detail, including employee earnings by name, job title and gross compensation. Gross compensation includes not only the employee’s wages, but also the cost of benefits, bonuses and reimbursements. Annual figures have been rounded to the nearest dollar.


Unless noted otherwise, the salary figures reflect gross compensation for the most current fiscal year available. For specific database information, select a government entity from the “Browse by Agency” dropdown menu and scroll to the bottom of the page. Most databases reflect gross compensation for employees, and those that reflect a different amount are noted at the bottom of each agency's index page.

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